Our Home Improvement Services

Home Update Service:

In our initial visit, we walk through your property with you and review you home improvement ideas.


Within a day or two we provide you with several options and the cost of the upgrades while keeping in mind that the cost of the suggestions must be inline with the projected value of your property.

If you agree with our quotes and hire us as your project consultant, we will hire and supervise on your behalf the contractors required to get the job done. 

Reliable Professionals:

We will hire and supervise on your behalf small reputable family owned home improvement businesses that are dedicated to delivering the quality home updates you expect and deserve such as:

Kitchen Cabinets

Paint and drywall repairs

All types of flooring and tiling

Landscaping updates

Granite, Quartz and Silestone

Roofing repairs or replacement

Roof and house exterior cleaning services

Bathroom upgrades, tiling, glass doors, shower enclosures and fixture upgrades as needed

Text us or email us, We look forward to meeting you and getting your house "Designed 4 Sale"